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Data Sciences
Advanced Analytics
Unified Analytics

All together now.

The information you need to efficiently attract and fulfill buyer demand, drive revenue and scale with ease—all in one place.

Turn an ocean of data into actionable insights

Streamlined visibility

Analyze impressions, maximize conversions, monitor shipping times and boost your customer retention with this interconnected solution that reports metrics from across the value chain.

A single version of the truth

Cart Unified Analytics provides you a singular view of storefront, fulfillment and marketing performance metrics to help you manage your business and make smarter decisions faster.

Intuitive user experience

Best-in-class dashboards unify your business data and lead you to actionable insights that help you optimize your business faster than ever before.

End-to-end analytics that capture the entire shopping experience

Eliminate information overload and focus on the most important aspects of your business: attracting, converting, fulfilling, supporting and retargeting the most valuable shoppers.

Storefront analytics

Get key insights into your order history, product penetrations and customers with data for customer acquisition, customer retention, customer lifetime value (CLV), geographical trends and seasonality.

Web analytics

Investigate CRO opportunities with real-time statistics like page views and bounce rate—and connect revenue per visit with corresponding channel sources.

Marketing analytics

Segment critical marketing KPIs by campaign, channel, brand or time period to capitalize on emerging trends and optimize marketing spend.

Fulfillment analytics

Forecast inventory levels, understand which SKUs have longer lead and delivery times and review shipping costs to improve profit margins.

Web analytics

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